10 Things You Must Know Before Being Interviewed By The Media

Entrepreneurs wear many hats. One of your most important hats is one of the PR person or Marketing Coordinator. In Public Relations, which is only one part of Marketing, the best rule of thumb is to maintain “maximum disclosure, minimum delay;” however you should be in complete control of disclosing information that will be sent out through the airwaves.

All communication is Marketing, even if it is not meant to be. Why not maximize every opportunity to present your message accurately?

A journalist may have their own agenda, or none at all. It is your responsibility to make sure your product, service or message is always conveyed to your audience without any form of distortion.

The following list will help you control your message effectively as you leverage various media outlets when appearing for an interview.

1. Do you have your questions prepared for the interviewer?

Be sure to have your questions set up for the interviewer prior to the interview and be sure you know what you are going to say. Getting caught with your pants down after an interviewer asks a question you were not prepared for is a recipe for disaster.

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 *This entry was originally posted on Friday, May 15th, 2009 at 9:00 am at www.TheToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com and is filed under Action, Marketing, Skill Toolbox.

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