From Old Guard To New Media featuring Web Cam Max – TheXStreamNetworkLive

I started off in broadcasting as a Broadcast Journalist for the Army. I used to announce events, voiceovers, narration, etc. While I was in the Army I interned at WPGC with Donnie Simpson, Tiger and Adimu. I got out of the military and worked briefly at an am station in Tennessee.

I never thought that a few years and careers later I would come full circle back to broadcasting. I began hosting an online talk show in May 2008 on Blog Talk Radio. BTR is a free platform that offers a number of features for hosts to get up and going quickly with nothing but a computer and a telephone.

As I built my brand I needed to find solutions that were easily customizable, flexible and affordable. As a member of The Internet Broadcaster you learn about all of the key techniques, equipment, and software needed to create a professional sounding show or podcast. Transitioning from terrestrial to Internet production can be difficult but with support you can seamlessly make the transition to new media. Whether you are a serious broadcaster trying to break into the Internet world of radio; or you are a speaker who needs to create professional podcasts The Internet Broadcaster helps find solutions that are in line with your goals and budget.

One of the greatest tips I’ve received from The Internet Broadcaster is Web Cam Max. is the site where you can download an all in one solution for effects such as text, backgrounds, and even characters and photos. With WebcamMax you can easily add movies and share your screen … (read more From Old Guard To New Media featuring Web Cam Max – TheXStreamNetworkLive)

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