TSE’s Favs for Connecting Networks

This was a question posted by my good friend @Chris on Twitter. I couldn’t keep it to 140 characters; what a shock.
I really like in order of favs:
@Fring (adding more networks, keeps you connected on the go,)
@Minggl (wish it had an ap, can be glitchy depending on your browser,)
@TweetDeck (getting better all the time, most tweet friendly,)
@Orsiso (really the best concept but can be overwhelming,)
@Twhirl / @Seesmic (getting better with time, jury is still out.)
And of course these are among thousands of websites and applications that help you better manage profiles and friends
on Twitter, Facebook and other popular networks. My favorites are based on their features and ease of use.
You can have all the features in the world but if I can’t use it or it takes forever to load or never works; then it’s pointless.
I also hate spam and pop up ads. My favs are all very respectful.
Hope this helps.
~Andrea (TSE)

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