Is Your Ideal Client A Color

When I ask a business owner if they know who their ideal client is, the first thing they think of is demographics. This is natural if you don’t understand marketing.

More important than demographic information is psychographic information; simply put, what makes your clients choose you.

As you probably know 80% of small businesses fail in the first 3-5 years. This is due in part to failed marketing which can lead to discouragement and failed effort. If you only target clients based on demographic, how many people who want your product could you be missing?

Many businesses have built a very special niche market based on a small segment of people; but may stuggle to to convey longevity in their marketing plan. If your product is not specialized then be very careful about getting lured into advertising and marketing that is casualy biased. Just because an opportunity is free; you identify personaly; or it offers 10 minutes of fame doesn’t mean it should be in your plan. Ignoring your potential cllients can make you appear to have an agenda that doesn’t line up with your stated mission and cause your clients to lose trust. For example in years past clothing designers who have not represented their consumers in advertising have gotten lashbacks from customers who feel neglected.

Bottom line, figure out who your ideal client is and accept that they may come in all colors, ages, and etc. Convenience, quality, value, and commitment to service are just a few things that are desired by most consumers. If you are to build the business of your dreams you don’t have time to turn away customers.

Rantings of The Social Entrepreneur
Before The First Million
A collection by Andrea Raquel
coming fall 2010
Covers the following topics and more
for entrepreneurs before the first million:

Travel, Food & Entertainment

Relationships, Parenting & Childcare

Home & Office Environment

Money, Credit, Finance, Banking

Insurance, Health & Wellness

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