Social Networking Safety | Microsoft Security

Sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics. This is an article from over a year ago. I am going to list several others and some old shows from The Daily Dose and Sugar Free Approach that show you how to network safely.  It is your social responsibility to network responsibly.

Twitter didn’t get hacked because Twitter isn’t a good web site or doesn’t have a good or safe business model. They are one of the fastest growing for a reason.  Twitter got hacked because individuals do not practice safe networking.  When you mismanage your account and call people friends who are hackers, you open your true friends and the entire web site up to the threat of being hacked.  All social media web sites, and portals to social networking are susceptible to threats.  If you add 20,000 people to a profile in a hurry and don’t do any quality control, what do you expect?


Check back for more resources, links and sugar free commentary to help you get back to the basics of social media.

Social Networking Safety | Microsoft Security

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