Talking about Success Comes When You can Take a Punch! (I mean Coaching)



Success Comes When You can Take a Punch! (I mean Coaching)

I had a conference call (actually several) with Adrian Ulsh last weekend. Adrian is the VP of One Coach, the organization headed by John Assaraf.. I asked Adrian for some help on my website at I solicited his help because he is the marketing expert beside John and who better to get advice from than him on marketing and website presentation?

Let me just tell you that the website that I had is nothing like the one that I am proud to say that I have now. Adrian looked at my before site and simply ripped it apart. He told me in no uncertain terms that the website that I had before was a bunch of CRAP! Now I could have gotten defensive and lashed out at him, but I didn’t. You know why?

Before I go there let me say that as a coach myself I am asked for help on a daily basis by people that come to me for assistance with projects, business ventures, and talk shows. I know, almost instantly, who will wind up being successful and who will not. How do I know this? I know this because after being a successful Entrepreneur with clients like Harley Davidson, Kraft Foods, Home Land Security, and many others, I know a person that is honestly looking to make a change in their business and life style.

Back to Adrian and my CRAPPY website. Adrian pulled no punches with me and actually apologized for being so blunt. I immediately told him something that many entrepreneurs NEED to adapt. I told him;

“Adrian, I am not here to get my ego stroked or told how great I am, I am here to get it right because you are the expert, I am not. My feelings are irrelevant; I WANT you to tell me how to succeed at this marketing thing!”

I have noticed that many people get offended when they have to be coached. A serious entrepreneur knows what their limitations are and they seek out experts to help them. Excuse my French, but how in the HELL can you get offended when you to someone for help, they try and help you, but you don’t like something as ridiculous as a tone, or a look.

When Adrian explained to me what I needed to do, I did not argue or complain about his tone or lack of social graces. I simply was grateful that this MILLIONAIRE took out the time to even help me. You see it was not my time to talk; it was my time to listen, learn, and change!

Many people can not be helped because they simply are not ready for that level of coaching. The level of coaching that I receive from John Assarafs’ team is not fluffy and pretty. It is down and dirty and gets results. Your level of success will directly relate to the type of coach you get.

If you are not where you want to be, maybe it is time to listen and learn from someone that truly has the answers and is willing to give them to you. Not someone that tries to mix in sugar so you don’t taste the medicine.

A true coach tells you the truth even when it will hurt your feelings. They don’t soften the blow. They knock you out with it so you learn never to make that mistake again. This is only because they are committed to your success, not your ego!

-Earl Hall

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