Ex-squeeze me!!! Identity Stronghold – Seller and Manufacturer of RFID Blocking Sleeves and Badge Holders

I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything but why do I need protection from having my private information transmitted via radio? This could pose a problem if consumers are not well informed of the risk. Can the consumer at least get the option of not having the radio chip in the credit card? Or maybe consumer’s could have been informed before this process was implemented and given the security holder for free. Oh, wait the notice was probably in the brochure that the bank sends every quarter with updates about their service, credit card and some useless product or service. You did read the fine print didn’t you? But it’s not just credit cards, you could be exposed via your government id, work id or passport as well.

Click on the link below to see what I am ranting about. It’s a shame that I had to see this in a random banner ad. No, I’m not promoting this company but I had to reference where I got the information…and at least they are offering a solution. I try to pay attention to what’s going on in the world. I know I’m not a banker anymore but I can’t help asking, "how did I miss this?" Am I just out of the loop; or is it a big secret. I would love to know if my readers have already heard about this. Maybe we’ve been too consumed with who died this year; sex scandals; war; national health care issues; and overcoming a recession, that this one slipped by unnoticed. Speaking of recession…is this really the best time to be doing this? I did do a little research and it seems that the technology is the little gold emblem that has begun to appear on id badges and etc. Maybe you have seen it, I know I have but I had no idea that it was transmitting information via radio waves. Please feel free to share your thoughts or insight on the technology and solutions.

All I can say is "what the duce?" 


News – Identity Stronghold – Seller and Manufacturer of RFID Blocking Sleeves and Badge Holders

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