Gratitude is like the lottery, great if you win…but don’t hold your breath.

“If you treat a man as he is, he will remain as he is. If you treat him as he could be, then he may become that…or he might get a big head and forget that he ain’t all that!” ~Andrea Raquel  

Seriously though, don’t look for gratitude from those you serve. If you are good they may not even remember or acknowledge that you were instrumental in their growth. They may even delete a thank you note they previously gave you or say something insulting that contradicts a prior completment. If you inspire a sense of security and courage separate from you; rather than creating a false sense of security that is tied to you because you are so great, which you conveniently dangle over the person’s head when it suts you. I am suggesting a real sense of inspiration that says you encourage innovation and failing. They will think they did it on they’re own and don’t need you anymore. That means you did well. If they get a big head and forget where they came from, the next lesson for that person is gratitude but that one may not be yours to teach. Your reward is on the other side of your goal…by the way, none of us are all that but what we unselfishly do to leave a mark on this world.


~Andrea Raquel (TSE)



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