Spring Cleaning Is Fun!


Spring cleaning is fun….and even if you don’t agree with that statement,
surely you can agree that it can make for a more fun and more productive
spring and summer season for work and play. Either way it is a must that you
do what is called a “turn over” from season to season. This can be applied
to any business industry large or small as well as your personal affairs and
family. Here are some ideas if you are having trouble getting started:

1. Check your domains to see if you have any expiring soon.

2. Check your web/email links and make sure they are all correct and check your site for typos.

3. Get your employees or family members involved and make it fun, this will keep the momentum going.

4. Organize your files, online and off; and take care of all outstanding business.

5. Dust everything, including your laptop, desktop and cd drives.

6. Organize your receipts for tax time and throw away the rest of the junk.

7. Be sure that all sensitive information is secure and send copies of
crucial documents to your safe box.

8. Make a seasonal grocery list to start eating healthier for more
energy in the spring.

9. Check on major utilities and accounts to make sure you are not over
paying or missing seasonal deals (ex. Cell phones, software, etc.)

10. Have a place for everything, label it, and put everything in it’s
place. Even if you only do this seasonally it will keep you from being selected
for the next episode of America’s Messiest Home or Office.

And while you are doing all of this don’t forget to put on some music that gets you going and keeps you motivated. If you can’t find just that right cd put it on www.live365.com/andreatse we’ve got you covered!

Andréa Raquel/TSE


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