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I don’t understand why I keep getting all these tweets, and DM’s to sign up for some site that can get me 1000’s of followers over night. Do people really do this? Well apparently they do because I see them daily coming from around the world to sell me the latest get rich quick scheme. Why would I want that, sounds kind of creepy to me. So, if you think this sounds like a good idea all of a sudden without any notice 1000’s of people start tracking you on Twitter, sending you DM’s and emails for junk that you don’t want.

Instead consider this option; build a steady following of a few loyal clients and grow your business organically. It’s nice to have finally hit the 2000 mark but it was through getting to know people, not tricky people hoarding tactics. The twitter following is growing parallel with the business which is as it should be. Have you noticed people who have a 1000 tweets but only 300 followers or have been using Twitter 6 months and have twenty thousand followers? Be careful of how you use twitter and don’t be part of the problem by passing junk around twitter. Be careful of what you retweet and who you follow; being apathetic can cause your audience to be exposed. Of course it’s understood some people will get a million over night just by joining the twiterverse; but that’s not the norm.

I highly recommend Social Oomph. Many of the sites out there charge money, for stuff you can do yourself. But one of the hardest things to do with Twitter is keep the junk out. Of course you all know I love @TwtCleaner to clean up the shady characters you’ve managed to pick up along the way. But with an ounce of prevention you can keep the fake profiles at bay with the use of SocialOomph.

For more social media, business and enterprises management tips join my business network: TXNL – for business and social networking without walls.


Andrea Raquel, Consultant, Advisor, Coach ~E2P2Inc.com

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