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#112 This is not a popularity contest

TSE TipsHighly productive individuals are sometimes ahead of other’s deadlines and expectations. The key to avoiding frustration is to not have expectations of others based on what you would do. Inspect what you expect, fully planning to train and coach as needed. Popularity is temporary and can wear off or change with trends and emotions. The lasting impression that is left by philanthropy, leadership, or a job well done far outlasts that of subjective popularity.

Some women entrepreneurs get trapped in stereotypes such as the cold, power hungry shrew. You know the type, the one who focuses on the bottom line in spite of popularity; or the one who stands up for the company mission when it’s not popular; or the one who doesn’t go along with a crowd to be popular. The danger is not in the stereotype but rather in believing that you are what others say you are. You are what you think you are and others will think you are who you say and believe you are. If you have a noble vision, write it down and stand by it. You can not go wrong. Yes sure, there will be people who try to knock you down, lie and steel your secret formula; but for the most part your stakeholders will be won over by your commitment to the mission, passion for service and determination.

Check out the TPE Blog for more ideas on overcoming challenges for women entrepreneurs, TSE is featured at #115: The Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs | Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Blog


~Andrea Raquel, TSE

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