Who is Using Social Media – The Twitterverse is Wealthy!

Twitter Report 

Okay so you think that social media is here today and gone tomorrow? You are right, just like television and radio, it will be here for a while and then eventually replaced by something else. But also like television and radio it will be hugely impactful during it’s era.

There are so many great facts compiled by Edison Research in this article by Business Insider, I mostly just wanted to point out that Twitter users are more wealthy than non-Twitter users. So there!

Find out more interesting social media stats by reading the full article…for example apparently blacks are using Twitter in higher percentages than others…no comment there.

Okay I can’t resist. The reason I am blogging right now instead of tweeting is because sometimes you need to be substantive and provide appropriate references. Unfortunately many young people, not just blacks (although many times we are the creators of our own languages and short hand) have gotten way too comfortable using short hand, gossiping and plagiarizing. You really can’t effectively make a point on Twitter, you can only imply, share, and reference. Let’s not get so caught up in the convenience of this new form of media that we forget to be factual, substantive and literate.

Everything You Need To Know About Who’s Using Twitter

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