Privacy Guide | Facebook


Have you seen the new changes to the Facebook Privacy Controls? If you haven’t check it out right away and be sure that you are sharing only the information you want to share.

Today Facebook announced to it’s advertisers that although they wouldn’t loose any features, members are now going to enjoy many of the privacy options they have been asking for. Facebook has been the topic of much heated debate around privacy issues since they released their new privacy policy a few months ago.

Keep in mind the major issues around privacy for business owners have to do with protecting proprietary information, client privacy and being free from viruses and other technology scares. Don’t take this lightly.

My advice is to start now looking at your friend connections and making sure that there are no questionable profiles on your list. By questionable I mean they are sharing no information, they don’t respond to your messages, you can’t find out anything about them and you don’t know them from Adam. Then go through and actually look at your privacy settings. Be selective. Don’t allow random strangers to see your birthday, hometown and family members. The combination of this information in the wrong hands along with a couple of other easy to obtain details can get a business owner into a sticky situation. The culprits of social engineering schemes work very hard to piece together information so that they can appear to know you and access additional information about you from friends or associates. Also don’t make your friend list public.

If you compare social sites you will notice that they are ideally set up for different uses. LinkedIn for career and business connections, MySpace for music, Twitter for updates, etc. With this said, Facebook is a site for connecting and sharing information on a personal level. Your privacy settings should be according to how much personal information you plan on sharing. The power of your Facebook privacy is finally in your hands completely. Use it wisely.

Privacy Guide | Facebook

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