Influence Takes Time « The Official Klout Blog

Have you heard about Klout? Do you know what strategy, research, metrics and forecasting have to do with Twitter? Then you should probably stop reading and start with a book on Marketing for Dummies, which you can pick up from the bookstore at TXNL.

If you do understand or at least are vaguely familiar with metrics, strategy and why it is important to look at your public influence, then you will love Klout. These folks stepped in to the Twitterverse and changed the status quo. As a matter of fact it’s been a while since I’ve seen the top social media influencers bantering on and on about how to make a killing on Facebook or get a million followers on Twitter. Nothing like a regulator to come on the scene and expose the opportunists and phonies.

So how can you use Klout to strengthen your business and influence your audience. Well instead of setting a goal of 300, or 3000 or 3 million followers, consider setting your social media goals based on your Klout score. They will surely keep you on track. The scoring system is similar to that of a personality profile where you see the type of messages you consistently post, if it’s working and if the people who are following you find it useful. If you don’t like your score, or if it’s inconsistent with your mission then you have to change your behaviors.

This is won’t help you with a get rich quick tactic or overnight fame. You must work consistently over time to have the influence you want. Klout won’t make you appear more influential than you are, they only help with awareness, tracking and understanding your current status…the work of building an audience and then speaking to your audience about things they want and need to hear is up to you.

For more tips, experience and helpful ideas on social influence, networking, and public relations follow me @sugarfreecoach.

Influence Takes Time « The Official Klout Blog

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