The Social Entrepreneur – Windows Live

If you’ve been following The Social Entrepreneur or TXNL since the beginning then you may remember my warning in 2008 to watch out for Microsoft and where they were going with social media.

We have had to learn some web 2.0, html, css, widgetology, feedology, linkology, SEO, and API in order to make social ends meet over the past few years but those days are coming to a close thanks to companies like Microsoft and Google who recognize the demand of social media and micro blogging. Now instead of jumping from site to site and adding extra code to tweet a blog. You can pretty much link all your sites together and post one time.

Facebook, MySpace, even Google run sites now fully synced with Live. Do you have multiple identities? Not personal and corporate… I mean those of you who have been “hiding” on the Internet thinking that you could make a quick buck before anyone found out that you were hated in 5 cities for your last get rich quick scheme (true story, I’ve seen it). Then when someone gets close to discovering or you get called out, you simply abandon your profile and create a new one.

If this all comes as a shock to you and I’ve got you concerned here’s what you can do to fix it now. First decide that you are going to focus on quality service, networking and engagement. Create a new mission statement and for goodness sake be sure that it includes something about integrity. Then create a new profile on your favorite platform, such as LinkedIn, Live, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. with your real name. Tell your friends you are moving and delete the bogus profile so the person whose name it really is can have it. Then stay committed to your mission and the integrity of quality social networking.

Okay so your last venture didn’t work out, move on. No more hiding, avoiding and ignoring people who ask tough questions. We want to find out about the real you and finally our technology giants and some not so giant such as Tungle, and Klout are helping us do it by setting the example for transparency with their own corporate models and API sharing. Kudos to them all, I for one am most grateful!


The Social Entrepreneur – Windows Live

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