Livescribe Blog :: » Livescribe Launches Echo™ Smartpen

Okay as if this thing could get any better. It has become and appendage, and yes another reason for my friends and family to make fun of me. But who cares because I’m knocking out A’s in my PhD program and blogging like a mad woman.

Folks wonder why they can’t keep up. Well now the cat is out of the bag. The Smartpen is a must have for any writer, speaker, note taker or anyone who interacts with others and needs to reference a meeting.

A couple of years ago I wrote, “All I Want For Christmas is my Smartpen,” then in August 2009 I wrote “Why I love My Smartpen,” and I am still a fan after a year. See for yourself and let me know your success stories.

Oh and be sure to get it from my website! If you do I will give you free in person or teleconference tutoring on how to use it. You will be blogging like a pro in no time!

Happy scribing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Livescribe Blog :: » Livescribe Launches Echo™ Smartpen

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