Is Being An Entrepreneur Affecting Your Eye Sight?

If you have been wearing glasses or contacts or if you need to and haven’t accepted the fact yet, you may think it is due to your long daunting hours on the computer; or working remotely from the microscopic screen on your smartphone; or burning the midnight oil by night light so you don’t wake anyone. None of this is really good for your eye sight…but there are other less obvious factors to consider.

Not being able to see clearly takes some getting used to especially after having better than 20/20 vision for years. I can’t stand having anything in my eyes so contacts are out…before you even ask. Now apparently because I stopped eating dairy I may have lost a vital eye sight nurishment and need to replace with foods from this nifty list I found at [Carrot, Eggs, Apricots, Berries, Black Currants, Cold-water Fish, Collard Greens, Grapefruits, Grapes, Lemons, Plums, Spinach, Fish Oils, Raw Garlic (fresh)].

I’m not just the Sugar Free Coach, I also have a low sugar diet. Many people change their eating habits for various reasons but, we must always remember to consider what we are loosing. A few months ago I wrote about leg cramps being caused by low potassium. Now I’ve discovered that my headaches and blury vision could have been due to my diet change rather than age. I not only cut out eating dairy regularly but I also cut way back on my sugar intake which includes fruits. I still eat fruit of course but not nearly as much as I used to and grapes are one of my favorite.

Not only the foods that we don’t eat, but the things that we do eat and ingest can affect our eyes because they are organs. How much aspirin have you taken over the years…especially women? Well it doesn’t just affect your stomach but also your eye sight. Also antihistamines which I was a regular friend of before I gave up dairy. So again not to confuse you and make your head spin, just to make you think. don’t be a fanatic about your diet. Don’t follow trends and just do what others do. Get your allergies tested, find out your cholesterol, get a mammogram, prostate check and find out what your body needs. Then don’t get medicated but rather change your life so that your body can continue to function in the excellence with which it was created.

So as always let my struggles be your lessons and possibly keep your eye sight in tact for a few more years. You may even be able to reverse the affects. Another reason I won’t be wearing contacts, how will I know when my vision changes? I haven’t seen any proven studies to this fact yet, but I am going to certainly try. I will let you know the outcome.

I had to put my glasses on just to write this blog.

Andrea Raquel (TSE)
Bx=Sugar Free

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