Social Networking For Smart People #1

It’s funny to me when someone asks me how I got so many followers on Twitter. Of course “so many” is relative, considering some tweeters have over a million followers. To me I have a lot of followers considering I have focused on quality over quantity connections on Twitter. I don’t follow everyone back, therefore I lose two for every one follower I get daily. I look for interesting qualities and activity when following back peeps that I don’t know or haven’t met in person.

But I digress…the question was how did I get so many followers? When I am asked this question I look at their Twitter profile to see if there is anything specific I can advise and I notice that the person who asked is not following me back.

The first rule of social media is reciprocation. If someone you know follows you, take the time to follow back, say thanks for mentions and RT’s and @reply with expert questions rather than DM to help promote the person helping you out.

If your Twitter account has become a jumbled mess of spam, check out to find out who’s following you and who’s not. Be on the look out for sneaks in the twitterverse who have somehow followed you and gotten you to follow them back only to unfollow you to boost their numbers (this takes way to much energy I would think). Also be mindful of so called friends who have unfollowed you. This is not doing anything for your Klout rating which you can monitor at

Andrea Raquel, (TSE)
Bx=Sugar Free

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