The Browser Wars

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet? Well I don’t know about that when it comes to Internet browsers. This is one of those things that you may have always taken for granted would just be there, like highways. But recently the Internet browser war has started to impact the user. You go to sign up for some great new program or application and you can’t access it because you aren’t using the right browser. So what do you do? You go without it if you are a person who doesn’t get into all this techie stuff. If you are an application-head then you probably have Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox all on your computer. I draw the line at two. I’m all for open source, but kind of like the mechanic in the parking lot of the grocery store, I want to know who to go to if my junk stops working as a result of something you did. So I’m sticking with Internet Explorer and Chrome.

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