Getting Weary In Well Doing?

Don’t you just love it when people complain about being broke while spending all their money at bars, restaurants, strip clubs, hotels, lavish trips or the mall??? Or complain about their weight but drink their weekends away and eat fatty rich foods to impress their friends at places they can’t afford…while claiming they’re too busy to work out. Have you heard it before? I’m not making this up people, don’t believe the hype. This person is not broke, and they don’t care about getting in shape. They have their priorities on other things besides the money they owe you, your contract, your relationship, or staying healthy and safe for their loved ones…depending on the scenario.

Let’s talk about this. If a person has commitments and yet spends the money at the strip club, what does that tell you? If they do things to expose you to violations of privacy, health risks or get themselves in situations where they constantly have to be bailed out, then they are living with reckless disregard for everyone around including you. When they say they want a better life they are lying. What they want is to have their way on a daily basis and hope that it turns out in the end.

Unfortunately for them life doesn’t work that way and they will have to learn their lessons just like you do, but they can’t if you keep fixing it. Unfortunately for you the burden is on you to be forgiving and show agape but be wise and don’t be an enabler or a doormat.  The reason you are getting weary is because you were never meant to carry them that way. Protect yourself financially, physically and spiritually and don’t be stupid just to be in a relationship. The person who was created for you, would not exploit you or intentionally put you in harms way.

To the dead beat:

You only need as much money as you spend. If you are making money, you should not be broke all the time. Please stop acting like you want success in life while chasing the approval of others, trinkets and flesh! You are betraying your loved ones and ultimately yourself because you are living a lie and working hard instead of smart.

Don’t call me for help unless you are ready for me to give it to you straight. I’m cursed to know when people are lying to me and I will call you out. Don’t get mad either cause I suddenly realized several people may take this personal and I didn’t think of you until it was written.

Oh well if the shoe doesn’t fit, take it off!

I’m not saying people shouldn’t have a good time. However, when spending, eating and drinking become therapy, there is a problem. This is even a greater issue if there are loving friends and family willing to support…and anytime someone is spending their bill money at a strip club something is seriously wrong. How can you make it rain when your bills are not paid?

This has been a Sugar Free Service Announcement!

Andrea Raquel

Bx=Sugar Free

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