Don’t Check In At Your Home

Don’t check in at your home unless of course you want to be robbed, or raped. Now that more people are jumping on the twitterwagon and joining Foursquare, this needs to be said.

As a friend of mine recently reminded me- basic humanity is not so basic; and common decency is not so common. Do you like strangers to show up at your door? If not then why put a map to your home on the Internet? Some have gone really far by checking in at “My Bed”…now that’s just silly, not the title but the fact that they actually used their home address.

If you must check in all the time, even when you aren’t going any where, create a location away from your home that you can check in at. You won’t get points for the checkin if you aren’t near it; but you shouldn’t get Foursquare points for sleeping anyway.

Social media can be fun even if you have no real direction. But remember safety first. For more tips on protecting your brand and yourself on the Internet visit Better Me, Inc. around the net.

This has been a Sugar Free Service Announcement

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