Thankless House Guests

Imagine, you have a few friends over for dinner. They have a great time and everyone seems to get along well. You find out they don’t have anywhere to go so you let them stay. Not only do they seem to be loving your space, they even invite all their friends and family to come and stay. After a couple of years you pay for a larger space to accommodate all the growth of your new house guests. It’s a little different then your old space but it will accommodate all the existing guests and the new ones that arrive daily. Because you are responsible for all your friends safety and comfort you make a few changes that will make the whole space flow better for everyone. The minor changes are uncomfortable to the guests; however they ensure you don’t have to spend so much money on maintenance and work so hard to clean up after everyone.  All of the guests begin to complain and are very unhappy with you for making the changes. They threaten to leave if you continue to make improvements and they insist if something’s not broken, in their opinion, you should make changes to it. Do you change everything back and just forgo your budget and time management?

As a guest on Facebook do you feel good about sending public hate-mail about Mark Zuckerberg, and Facebook just because you don’t like the changes? Is it really reasonable for you to complain about how your free space is designed? Facebook does have a link to share feedback and that is perfectly okay. But beyond sharing feedback, “guests” have gotten way out of control. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mark Zuckerberg can do whatever he wants with his site as long as it’s legal and fair. If you don’t like it, get your own!

Some of you will continue to take the gold bricks that are given to you and drop them on your foot hoping to sue. If you’d like to waller with other complainers you’ll find plenty of sniveling at the following search list. But if you’d like to learn how to adapt to the changes on Facebook and other social sites, software and hardware as they evolve then join the group of Smart People who use technology wisely.

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