Get to work and be consistent!

SugarFreeCoach on Klout

My score goes down if you fall off.

Oh no, according to Klout my score dipped 0.05 points because peeps in my network lost influence. That means someone fell off. But now with the new features I know who it is.

Don’t leave people hanging. It’s easy to write social media off as unimportant, but there are real people on the other end of those tweets, posts and blogs. Did you start something and not finish it? You know who you are. You made it into my circle of influence because you were doing something special. Now you are either not doing it anymore, not promoting it or not communicating with your audience.

If you need help feel free to respond in the comments section, tweet me or post to my FB page. If you feel that your needs are more complex and you would like coaching or consulting you can simply make an appointment. But don’t miss out on the free opportunities that are before you to grow your online influence ultimately solidifying your social influence and brand.

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