You Can’t Drive Loyalty

Do you know the difference between driving traffic and natural attraction? Do you know why driving traffic is not an effective long term plan? As a marketing and sales student, employee and senior manager, for years I had to look at the numbers, drive results and generate sales.

As The Social Entrepreneur, I have chosen to take a different route. I have built a network, grown a brand and sustained a business by attracting my ideal client, inspiring productivity and natural attraction. My company generates 19+ pages of search engine results with 1.3% errors. Do I have everything I want? No; but be sure that I have also learned to be at piece with each level. This is the only way to be faithful to your brand and vision. If not you will be tossed with every offer of fame or dollar that is dangled in front of you. If success is a journey not a destination than what is this race that it seems so many are running to get to the top.

This is where Marketing, Psychology, Spirituality and Practicality intersect. Your beliefs and who you are is not to be put on a shelf when it’s time to make money. Learn to embrace who you are. Be the brand. Then you don’t have to focus on SEO, how to get more followers, driving numbers, finding sales, etc.
Step 1. Be yourself;
Step 2. Define your brand;
Step 3. be true to the brand.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or try to be a brand that someone else created for you; just so more people will like you. Because in the end you or they will be unhappy.

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