Social Issues Are Magnified By Technology

Social Networking was an industry term long before the Internet was created. defines it this way:

Social Network Definition

System Defined

Merriam and Webster doesn’t define social network at all, instead their search optimization refers you to “system” which helps to understand the term from an organizational  perspective.

Social Media is not a trend or a fad, like skinny jeans, bell bottoms and sagging pants. It is an advance in communications, networking and technology and will continue to evolve. Personally I hate being limited to the phone and love being in two or more places at once.  Don’t you?

Although these terms have become interchangeable at times; they are not the same.
If you understand Marketing, then you understand PR and know that Social Media is a necessary aspect.Nor is the social network of an individual to be taken lightly when discussing success, marketing and entrepreneurship. This is where understanding of Organizational Psychology comes in, it’s not just about the bottom line or technology, it is about people and how they drive the organization.

The social issues we experience are magnified and clearly defined on the Internet. They are more evident in Social Media and the Technology industry as a whole.

CNN’s #BlackInAmerica aired a documentary on an Accelerator Program founded by Wayne Sutton, whom I’m happy to brag is in my extended network and tweeted me immediately to show his shock at my clueless about the show.

Yesterday I commented on a blog posted by one of my tweeps about technology changes, influence and if it’s all a waste of time. I’m not sure if he got where I was coming from because he didn’t approve the comment right away. But his blog gives an additional perspective on some of the issues I’m referring to.

…I was very disturbed to find out that people in Silicon Valley, people at Google, TechCrunch and places like that think there are no black tech entrepreneurs. HEELLLLLOOOOO!!!!! I’m right here.

My point is not to rant about them, but to say that many of the discussions about social media trends, privacy, safety, and how not to get ripped off or waste your time I’ve been having for 4 years. I’ve also been connected to many of the big players for a long time. But for some reason …(more)

I have been accused of going too deep in discussions, which instantly makes me know not to spend too much time talking to that person. But let me make it simple anyway. We can have no real intelligence, analytics, measurements or effective tools unless we acknowledge and engage everyone in the playing field. You are missing information, ideas, technologies and solutions if you chose to ignore or eliminate any segment or class of the population. If necessity is the mother of invention how does technology grow without open coopetition (borrowed from Francina Harrison, The Career Engineer), inclusive meritocracy (borrowed from Bank of America), and fighting our own personal biases and fear?

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