Only You Can Prevent Internet Terrorism

From Evernote:

Have You Been Hacked Yet?

I’d like to think the reason I’ve never been hacked on FB or via email is because I’m so smart. But actually there are some simple steps you can follow to lessen your chances of exposing your friends to dangerous sites, bogus information and fraudulent offers.

  1. Have you changed your password recently? Do it now.
  2. Do you use the same password across various websites? Change your email password so it’s different.
  3. Is your password complex (letters, symbols and numbers)? Fix it.
  4. Do your browse FB securely? Start doing so. Even if you take it off for an app, put it back.
  5. Have you ever even visited the security section under account settings? No time like the present.
    No gift, product, opportunity or service is bestowed without the burden of responsibility. Consumer, user and social responsibility are implied contracts of use. When you have a checking account it is assumed you won’t participate in fraud, or your account will be closed even if you weren’t the culprit. When you own a swimming pool it is assumed you will have boundaries so neighborhood children will not fall in and drown. If you do not protect your neighbors you will be sued and you will be held liable. Likewise when you are on the Internet, creating profiles and adding friends there is a psychological contract that you enter into. It is understood that you will not conduct fraudulent activity nor will you make it easier for others to do so through you. It only takes a moment to vet a new friend, or find out about a site before you share your personal information and download links. Maintaining Facebook privacy is not something that takes a lot of effort. Visit your profiles, clean up your accounts and delete phony profiles from your friend list.

    Remember only you can prevent Internet Terrorism.

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