Empire Avenue, The Most Fun I’ve Had Online

Empire Avenue (EA)  is not only the most fun I’ve had online but also the highest return on investment. I joined the site on May 3rd, 2011 at a share price of under 20 eaves, EA’s currency, and now am trading at around 76 eaves. I’ve been the CEO on the Psychology Index; then back to VP when I was not as active; now back up to CFO. I know all of this doesn’t mean anything to you if you aren’t playing the game. However what might interest you is the fact that I’ve also significantly increased my Facebook page likes, followers on Twitter, YouTube subscribers and etc. My Klout profile and PeerIndex rating have both improved and I have discovered great new sites such as XeeMe which helps me easily share my social profiles and Kred which give me even more tracking of my social influence.


EA is in it’s early stages so I am excited to see where it will grow to and how the early adopters will be affected. This is not to say that everyone doesn’t have a fair opportunity to advance on EA. Many of the people I’ve invited now have a higher share price than mine. That’s a good thing though because I max investments on all my friends so I am earning dividends. EA shows the true value of reciprocation, deepening relationships and long term investing.The most valuable feature on EA to date is Missions. You can purchase a promotion to offer eaves to investors for taking action. Trying to win a contest or get website traffic; need more Facebook likes, followers, subscribers, etc? This is a great way to drive traffic and real action.

If you don’t understand how to play the game all you have to do is look for great people to invest in. Then support the profiles and blogs they have connected. Find supportive communities to participate in that will help you learn and grow not just about EA but other great topics. You can be the CEO of any Index from Psychology to Sailing. But you will have to work for it. The great thing is that your online influence and activity is what drives your value on EA.

Engage, Reciprocate, be active and be worth knowing. The numbers don’t lie.


Facebook, Klout, Empire Avenue, PeerIndex, XeeMe, Kred are all referenced in this article and not affiliated nor have they endorsed this article.

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