Do you ever get tired? Of course you do.

Do you ever get tired? Of course you do. Do you ever get frustrated? Silly question right? Well how often do you dump that on your audience?

I liked a post a few days ago that said stop working for free. It was a great point. Although I’m “The Sugar Free Coach” and my brand is pithy and snappy, even I don’t go off the deep end ranting about everything I don’t like.

Remember no matter what your audience is you have a responsibility to lead. Don’t let your followers down by dragging them through your drama, opinions and up and down feelings. Don’t start stuff just to gain traffic or popularity. Do you know what “board room talk” is? It means you don’t just say any old thing in front of people who may not be mature enough to handle it. Be careful of stirring up hatred, doubt and negativity among the people you should be leading to greatness. Stick with your mission and do your homework when speaking publicly and you can’t go wrong.

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