Social Media vs. Domain Hijacking

I’m flattered an honored that my little old domain is now worth $1,195.00. Seriously?

So after it was lost through a mishap with OfficeLive mail (yes, we’ll call it that for now), I had to go through the actual registrar which was no longer, or not really Microsoft… I probably didn’t read the fine print well enough to explain it now. Any who, I was told I could renew for just under $100. I contacted my current domain provider which is GoDaddy and asked if they could recover it. They said sure and it would only cost around $60. I laughed and thought surely I’ll find another way to get it back when Microsoft transitions to Office365 (which happens on April 30th, if you haven’t made the leap you have 15 days). I don’t believe in passing expenses on to my network so I try to keep costs at a minimum; plus the domain was $7 freakin’ dollars to start. Well after checking again recently I discovered that some looser has bought my domain and is now selling it for an outlandish price. Looking back it all seems like a big conspiracy and I’m sure it’s happened to other people. I would start a class action law suit, but I’m just not sure who to hold accountable. You can barely even contact anyone at Melbourne IT, who was handling the domain after Microsoft, or from or for; whichever is the case.

Why would anyone besides me pay this amount for my domain. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Apparently it’s only this valuable because of me and my wonderful network of friends. That’s the power of social media, we’ve made a domain popular and haven’t even used it in over a year. We have several corporate sites, depending on your needs and our projects:  Better Me, Inc. and TXNL. So the joke is on you, if you buy it and attempt to run a business based on my credibility. You can not. Don’t fall for it, I still own the company, the name is registered and I will sue you… but not until you make lots of money. Even if I don’t sue; what are you saying about your credibility and why would anyone want to buy anything from you?

ImageI’m so disgusted right now, I’m wondering if all the free software in the world is not worth a Microsoft Partnership; or if GoDaddy is to blame or who this (TURNCOMMERCE, INC. DBA NAMEBRIGHT.COM) company is that’s trying to capitalize on the smallest of businesses. Well actually I can see who they are but “Why?” is the question!

Wooosaaaww! I’m the Sugar Free Coach and just as I tell others to do all the time, I will shake it off and get over it. So here’s the true power of social media, and the breadth and depth of my network TXNL. Because my company, my brand and my name has become popular online, if you Google Better Me, Inc, guess what you find… me. If someone uses the domain, you will still find me. I can continue to run my company for the next hundred years and not need that domain; because of hyperlinks, short links, QR codes and such. No one has even asked me why the domain is different, I don’t think anyone ever notices. So if you were wondering, now you know why. It is nothing more than a barrier to entry for small business owners, that domain registrars are hijacking domains and reselling them back after you have made them popular.


I’m blessed to be a blessing, my network, TXNL (The Xstream Network Live) is awesome and what we have is way bigger than one domain name. Guess what! What’s for me is for me… and no one can keep me from it.

I have enjoyed building my company and developing my network, one solution at a time. This is only one of many great stories and challenges of TXNL. Order the book, Living Sugar Free to get the scoop on what it takes to build a network from scratch.

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