Paper.Li Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? | An Editor’s Constant Battle

The Media Doesn’t Lead Strategy

Research and reports are for the consumer, to get a glimpse into a particular industry and feel reasured that there are rating and compliance systems in place. When you are the designer, creator, inventor, producer, etc… you should not be looking at media reports to determine your market direction or your drive. Hopefully you have other customer satisfaction and client feedback avenues in place because by the time it reaches the media it’s too late. I knew I needed to do something when I noticed a group of Twitter followers rated poorly because of their use of digital papers; and the final straw was seeing my Sunday paper, which should be the hottest one of the week (according to traditional mind set = expectation); and it said top stories by @SugarFreeCoach. I hate it when that happens. So I set out to decide on a solution to the lack of return I am getting and the potential negative influence rating because of the use.

Content Editors

Paper.Li is not the only online content editing tool I use to gather data from my valuable friends, colleagues and influencers and share it with my general audience. To me this is more important than individual blogging because I can’t have all the answers by myself, nor can I keep my eye on ever trend, product and news story. Also it is a standard backdrop for the type of sharing, promoting, reciprocating and collaborating that I like to do within my network. I keep lists of resources, friends and followers and then I edit my digital papers to relevant categories using the lists to filter the content. It is very important to keep lists up to date and delete profiles that are no longer active or not relevant.

SWOT Analysis

The features and benefits in my humble opinion far out-way any negative review or connotations that such tools may draw. The only downfall is not maximizing the potential return because that is a waste of time and as well is what makes the user look like they are only using automated tools and not collaborating with or influencing their audience.

Living Sugar Free Daily

The Editors Battle

So I set out to do several things. Number one on the list is increasing subscribers. This is going to be a bit tough because in order to get more people to read the paper I will have to help change the image as well as make the value of the paper evident to the viewer and the contributors. This brought me to the conclusion that the paper is not the problem but rather the daily announcement of the paper. My second concern mentioned at the beginning was that my top story on Sunday was by me. “How can this happen?” I thought. Well here’s where the work comes in. For a tool to be truly valuable you have to use it, and you also can not naturally promote a product that you are not really using and benefiting from. I have to read my own paper more. Not that I don’t look at it, it’s great and has some really good contributors. But I don’t really dissect the paper every day, between keeping up with so many mediums of information delivery for my own education and sharing my own original content I have not given it enough attention. I had to shift my mindset. I use HootSuite to manage my microblogs; however I can also use Paper.Li to manage my content sharing. Meaning I decided to use Paper.Li solely to decide on what stories to promote or share to ScoopIt, Stumble and other promotional sites. This will help me keep my lists updated as well as allow me to post the top stories.

Expanding Minds

Right now people think that the paper is spam because they get a notice saying they appeared in a paper, then they click the link and can’t find their post. This may be a good marketing tactic for the paper, some would agree… that’s not my issue. I prefer to generate an audience based on the excitement and reciprocation that comes from them actually seeing their story on the front page. If you appear in a paper and don’t see your story on the front page, or if you follow a paper and just want to see when you appear in it (probably way more often than you know) here is how. At the top right of our paper it says “See All Articles”. After following that link you can sort the list by “News Spotter” Here is where you look for your name. But also notice the “Source” column because it may have been a reblog, like, tweet, or share from your blog or site as well. Very few influence tracking sites are so thorough that they can tell you everytime you appear in a post or paper. I was pinned on Pinterest 4 weeks ago and completely missed it. It didn’t show up on my Klout, PeerIndex or Google. You have to do your own in house tracking and market reporting in spite or whatever tools or services you are using if you really want to know what is going on, affect your industry and keep your audience happy and informed.

Share Your Thoughts

We will see if my adjustments to Living Sugar Free Daily and TXNL Daily have an impact on our audience satisfaction which increases FB likes and activity, Klout scores and PeerIndex rating and over all growth. Take a look and let me know what you think. If you like it be sure to subscribe and share. You can xee all of my papers and other sites listed on the XeeMe/AndreaRaquel.

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