You Are What You Eat… Literally?

Woman’s Day posted an excellent article illustrating 10 foods that look like the body parts they nourish. I was excited that many of the foods on the list are among staples in my household and that I could easily kill a few birds with one stone… or pot of soup should I say. Making smoothies, and soups or dump pots as I affectionately call them after a few days of adding additional ingredients is the best way to cram in a lot of key nutrients and cover up less desirable tastes and textures.

When you create a vegetable smoothie, you will want to start with the important things first. Whatever your nutrition goal is you can dump your key power foods into a smoothie and then sweeten them up with raspberries, black berries and strawberries; all flavor smoothies well.

When making a dump pot, you will need to plan ahead; unless of course you are doing the “whatever I have in my pantry dump pot.” You can combine some flavors, but others may not go so well so you will want to put some thought into your desired outcome. The ingredients listed int eh Women’s Day article can be done a few different ways. Do you like tomato or do you like potato based soups? Do you like creamy or chunky soup?

I decided to start with the potatoes as a base and add crushed tomatoes at the end. I definitely won’t be using the clams because I’m allergic to shell fish and besides that’s just gross. Since I’m a woman I won’t miss that power food. I will try to disguise the avocados because I don’t much like them… I’m thinking about a broth to boil the potatoes in starting with the red wine, ginger and avocados.

Wish me luck and I will definitely let you know how it turns out.

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