Thanks Alicia @Aja_7 for the honor and for playing my song! #VeteransDay


Honoring Veterans Today!

Honoring Veterans today, in my opinion, redeems the American culture. In a time when back talking parents, demanding your ways, attitude galore is so prevalent, it is a good practice to “Honor” those who surrendered their personal goals to serve their country in the United States Military.

I salute you and honor today and always.

~Alicia J. Alexander, The Image Werks Corporation.

A Special Thank You…

Over the years, I have known many Veterans. My Mom’s husband, Eddie is a Veteran of the Korean War. He has shared his story with me. I enjoy listening to his experience. It is expected that an American male register with the Selected Forces of the American Military upon his 18th birthday. Yet, for a female to successfully enroll in the American Military and successfully complete boot camp training is heroic. Hence, I, personally, thank you for all the…

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