New School Customer Service Rep vs. Old School Professional who wins in your world?

#LivingSugarFree #Execute #CustomerService

If you are over the age of 25, you probably agree that CS has gone to the dogs, actually that would be an improvement… anywho, my point is:

In the name of getting things done, being productive, positively impacting others, spreading peace and the elimination of bullying and environmental pollution…

The million dollar question is…

How much time do you spend complaining about bad service rather than coaching the person serving you through the process to get what you need done?

Many hourly employees today don’t understand the classic customer concepts:

Give ’em the pickle.


Never say no.


The customer is always right.

I can help with understanding teamwork concepts.

I can help with understanding teamwork concepts.

None of these quotes was intended for employees to give away the store or be treated poorly. These are statements to instill going above and beyond to make the customer feel served. Even if what the customer wants is completely against policy there is a way to meet their needs without saying no, reading the fine print and telling them how wrong they are. If you know this, and it chaps your hide; here’s where you can help yourself.

Teamwork is not only for the workplace; it can be exercised daily in emergency situations, with complete strangers in the grocery store and yes with the person sitting on the other side of the counter, computer or telephone.

Be productive, teach a service rep how to be a better employee. Make it a triple win!

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