Dressing on a budget.

Dressing on a budget:

You don’t need money to look fabulous.

I was inspired to write this while cracking up at shows that are meant to tell people how to survive the economy and get by on a budget… but the “experts” on the show have clearly never had to do it.

A 3 hour makeover, to recycle old clothes for a stay at home mom to get back out in the work force:

1. Go through the closet for salvageable items.

2. If you have a suit or suit jacket, that’s a great start.

3. Refurbish items, hem, change buttons, etc.

4. Add sparkle with new items, accessories, etc…here’s where they lost me…

Why would you spend 3 hours refurbishing old clothes and then buy a $250 sweater???
You wouldn’t!

*So instead get over yourself, no one knows what you have that’s old or new. Find a colorful piece and accessories in your wardrobe; go to the thrift store or beauty supply for cheap extras.

Now you’re ready for anything, and that’s #LivingSugarFree

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