I ♥ her smile @MichelleObama #LivingSugarFree


I ♥ the way her smile is crooked and when she laughs one of her eyes gets smaller than the other… just like mine.

Folks have no idea what a roll model can mean to other lives outside their own. Think of how that roll model can be a constant inspiration for some who have none.

The politician, celebrity or public figure you hate, may be the change agent for the next man. Isn’t the positive effect on others reason enough to not hate someone. Well maybe not if your true feelings are based in prejudice or other folly.

Before I follow new friends on Twitter, I say, “you’re going to follow back right?” Of course they say yes, as everyone does… but many don’t follow through. To make my point, I like to play guess who the only person I follow who doesn’t follow back is. They always say, the president with confidence. I then explain, “well, the POTUS  actually follows me. So if he can follow back, who’s the only person on the planet with more going on than the leader of the free world?” They never get it and I say, “his wife and mother of his children!” Like duh. LOL!

Not your roll model?
Fine focus on those who are, and keep your hate off mine.Cause she’s a bad, bad lady, and so am I.

Let’s discuss it… http://xeeme.com/AndréaRaquel

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