A Good Day To XeeMe | It’s their 2 year anniversary

A Good Day To XeeMe | It’s their 2 year anniversary

Happy Birthday XeeMe.

My XeeMe love story started October 30, 2011. I’m pretty sure I found it through my friends on Empire Avenue. I’ve began using XeeMe as a signature, a business card, a QR code, a catalogue, an index, and even a Twitter tool. In honor of XeeMe’s 2nd year I have written a brief overview of how I use my profile and the clever name.

“Oh no, not another social network!” This is a sentiment heard most often whenever a new  social media site launches or when people hear about another must have website. I’ve felt this way a time or two myself. But not since I discovered XeeMe, an online profile manager that allows you to organize all of your important links in a beautiful one page presentation. http://xeeme.com/AndreaRaquel

I was sold on the concept just for the sake of having a place where I could easily find links and share them with other people who want to connect with me around the net. Because some sites have higher traffic than others and some sites provide organic growth by connecting with existing users; xeeme is a great tool for…


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