Spam, Scams and Autoresponders | Keep Calm They Aren’t All The Same

Marketing Guru’s this post is not for you, unless you suck.

#LivingSugarFree #LeaveAMessage

I’ve heard one too many decent marketing ideas being called scams because they’re new and inventive; posts on Facebook being treated like spam because they’re too good; and last but certainly not least the overused autoresponder which makes everything look like a scam.

Now let’s be clear, of the three things mentioned in the title, only one is illegal and harmful to consumers. The other two are just annoying and harmful to suckers looking to get rich quick or thinking they can get something for nothing. Many great opportunities are promoted through spammy techniques and many honest folks are using autoresponders.

Listen and listen good, pop up ads are neither ilegal nor harmful unless you fall for ads easily. You don’t get to complain about how the free services you use are making money by using ads. Duh, it’s free and you are a jerk for thinking they shouldn’t get paid and for bad mouthing an otherwise great service because of ads (you want something for nothing).

Now if you don’t have any real business you may have time to sit at the computer all day. But many business people do not. Somedia is to help us duplicate our efforts; be in multiple places at one time; and generate revenue even while sleeping. This is the purpose and benefit of the auto responder. It is not a bad thing in itself… just like email and snail mail. It’s the excessive use that is annoying and of course, like everything, is sometimes used by corrupt individuals.

I autoreply to new followers on Twitter @SugarFreeCoach because I hate spam and fake tweeps and I also use to show me the fakers and gamers… but also to be sure I don’t miss the chance to say thanks to my new peeps and follow back. Expecting me not to make use of the autoresponder tool would be like expecting me to get rid of my voicemail and if you know me, you know that ain’t happening!

Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel

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