Marketing: The Basics | You Shouldn’t Have To Pay For The Easy Stuff

#LivingSugarFree #TXNL #Marketing101

Before you read the rest of this, you should have done a few things. If not, that’s the hard stuff you can pay me to help you fix. Here is the duh of being a good brand:

Sell what you believe.
Be transparent
Live your brand
Put your opinions behind your marketing.

A bird in the hand is not worth two in the bush. If you disagree, you probably can’t afford my rate, so don’t judge value based on cost. Working for skills, collaboration, promotion and/or a good cause is not the same as working for free. I always go above and beyond, so what’s a  paycheck?

If you don’t get this, I’m not likely to work for you anyway…

My point is, when you get caught up, your brand and therefore your profits get held up.

Hellloooo… is this thing on???

Seriously, I don’t talk to hear myself. I share the things I have studied, am degreed in, researched, tested, made money with, and proven. If I don’t know about it I don’t talk about it, unless it’s in the form of a question.

I am The Social Entrepreneur on behalf of #TXNL, @SugarFreeCoach #LivingSugarFree in every area of my life. I’m not perfect, I’m not a fanatic, but I am the brand… because the brand is me. That means when you LIKE, subscribe, follow and share, you know exactly what you are getting. It also means I don’t have to try and maintain it, it just is.

Do you know anyone who seems to have Somedia Split Personality? I don’t mean they are diverse, or that they are sharing various aspects such as business, politics, religion, health. I mean they jump on one band wagon today, a different one tomorrow and next week they are a Guru of how to market or be a leader. It’s just not believable and that’s why they think they have to be agressive in their marketing. Essentially they may have dollars to throw, or even popularity, but they have no real attraction and collaboration. Then if they do get clients, they don’t connect and become invaluable to them.

Social Media sharing is word of mouth Marketing. You can only force it, fake it or pay for it so long, before it catches up to you.

Immediate steps to take:
Focus on your brand not being popular.
Invest time in your brand.
Remember quality over quantity, in every word you say to your audience.
If you have to ask how to get more traffic, you’re focused on the wrong thing.
Be loyal to your clients and/or fan base… and know the difference.

Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel

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