Reputation Can’t Be Gamed It Must Be Earned

#Integrity #Trust #SocialCollaboration

I could care less if you follow me on Twitter or LIKE my fanpage. I do however appreciate all of my genuine friends, followers and fans. I also care very much about representing and sharing quality, informative, enlightening and fun content. With that said, I am neither obligated nor paid to share any person or brand. If you choose to unfollow or unlike because I’m not your flavor of the month, that’s fine. But if you can’t handle the fact that I am #LivingSugarFree or you choose to fake the Twitter game at my expense, that’s another story.

Haters and fakers should always avoid #TXNL, The Social Entrepreneur, and anything to do with me. You will be found out and maybe even called out. In a world of collaborative consumption, social collaboration and trust networks, you can not win by gaming people, buying endorsements or trying to hold others back. The last US recession should have taught us a lot about transparency, and honesty in business.

Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel

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