Computer Training in South Georgia

There are a lot of folks in Georgia who are quietly connected on line; always asking someone like me questions via email and text. Yet never fully embracing all that you can do with your technology. This announcement is for you:

I’m doing a computer series in South Georgia for the community recreation center and it’s very affordable. Now that I am posting this, it will fill up so hurry. Don’t put off your promotion any longer.

If you need help with Excel, or Word to get that job; cloud apps for your business; finishing your education or improving your online brand or social skills, you need to register for this class. Learn the basics that will help you navigate and succeed in any technical situation.

The five week class begins tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 1st at South Clayton Recreation Center but you can still register until Sat.
You will not get one on one computer training like this anywhere. Stop chasing success online. Let me show you how to apply real knowledge, skill and best practices to computers, smartphones, and online solutions. Also for that friend or spouse who is completely in the dark, send them and I’ll shed some light.

Don’t let the distance be an excuse if you live in or near

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Let’s discuss it…éaRaquel

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