Contingency Plans | The Feds Have One, Do You?

#LivingSugarFree #TheSkyIsNotFalling

I know lots and lots of government workers. I come from a military family, have lots of veteran colleagues and it’s a natural progression as well as social circle. There is a certain sense of safety that govies have and they are the first ones to tell folks who are broke to get a job.

Military and government training teach you not to accept excuses. Contingency planning is required in most areas and departments. They don’t necessarily teach you about implementing these things for your life though.
Soooo, I guess it’s up to me to say it and snap y’all back to reality:

-If you’re off work and without pay right now, what is your sustainability plan?

-What if they don’t call you back?

-Unemployed? What if food stamps go away?

-Excited about Obamacare? What if you don’t get insured?

What is your contingency?
If you don’t have a plan you need to get one right now. At least have a plan, and work it. That way when and if they call you back, you’ll have options.

Holding your breath for food stamps? You will starve. Insurance is nice. But if it’s causing you stress, you need to get your mind right. Don’t anticipate illness. We need a dose of survival mentality in this country.

Make today the day that you learn: you have no control over what others do, and sometimes safety nets fail. Always have a sustainability/contingency plan for your family and yourself. Don’t rely on a job as your source. 

Open your mind to new opportunities… even when you think you don’t need them. Maybe you are needed on a project, or maybe it’s for your future need. Have multiple avenues of income (like so many other things this is especially easy when you’re already employed). The point is don’t get too comfortable and ignore open doors just because the door you’re in hasn’t closed yet.

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