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Yep, I said it, and before you say Amen, I’m probably talking to you too…

Stereotypes about women, lies about history and biology, blatant porn, jokes on nationalities, racial remarks about the POTUS or anyone, oh and passive aggressive folks who get an attitude and say all manner of nastiness when anyone has the audacity to point it out… Or worse you got an attitude and said outloud you don’t see why we need Black History Month. As long as you don’t say the n word you’re good right? Wrong!!!
Somedia is out of control, but who’s leading the way?????

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“N” word headlines overshadow daily human conflict.

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Just because you don’t say the “N” word doesn’t mean you can mask your hate, prejudice and disdain.

Just because you have black friends doesn’t mean you aren’t a hater or that you treat other nationalities with respect.

Just because you’re not caucasian doesn’t mean you’re not prejudice.

Just because two people who are different have problems doesn’t make it a racial issue.
Some folks just don’t have respect for other human lives because they think the world revolves around them.

If you’re constantly putting your foot in your mouth and can’t uderstand why or how. Your only solution is to get over yourself.

Some people say any old thing to other human beings online and actually think they’re going to succeed.

The joke is on you.
You’re not really talking to the computer you know?
You really wrote that.
Lots of people saw it.
It’s forever.
You can’t take it back.
Anyone can see you.

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