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Yep, I said it, and before you say Amen, I’m probably talking to you too…

Stereotypes about women, lies about history and biology, blatant porn, jokes on nationalities, racial remarks about the POTUS or anyone, oh and passive aggressive folks who get an attitude and say all manner of nastiness when anyone has the audacity to point it out… Or worse you got an attitude and said outloud you don’t see why we need Black History Month. As long as you don’t say the n word you’re good right? Wrong!!!
Somedia is out of control, but who’s leading the way?????

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Atlanta Social Media Examiner | Getting to The Bottom Line of Social Influential

**Atlanta Social Media Examiner, Andrea Raquel has been studying and working in Atlanta since 1990. With an undergraduate degree in Marketing, an Army Certificate in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations and preparing for a PhD dissertation in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Andrea has had a bird’s eye view of the industry. By sharing her experiences and helping with solutions to sync life online and off, Andrea hopes to help her audience succeed. You can find out more about Andrea by visiting SugarFreeCoaching.com.

Generic trademark? | Do Your Research On The Front End

Do your research and be creative when you are ready to launch your brand. Don’t try to ride on existing traffic, influence and people who are using generic concepts. Lawsuits are rampant and it shows a lack of integrity, ingenuity and true social entrepreneurship to try and sue an individual or business for using a term that is owned by the public… Especially when it’s obvious that people were using that term long before you decided to jump into the world of business. It makes you look inexperienced and desperate. I would not trust my business to a company that does that, would you?

We’ve been using this term since I can remember. I’m sure I can find older references, but this is the one that popped up first.

We all know that many of the terms we use on a daily basis came from a company, organization or brand who originally

sought to own their products, formulas and intellectual properties. Many companies have tried to limit the use of their trademarked terms, and some people have even tried to get those companies to release their trademarks.

But what about a company trying to trademark and enforce infringement rights after a term is already popular? This is something that may have gone unnoticed in previous years before the advent of the Internet and SoMedia (Social Media). But now, you can see the origin of information and intellectual property. Many companies like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have tried to crack down on the use of pictures and page names to protect their high profile clients, and themselves from getting caught in the cross fire. Most somedia savvy brands have recognized that their logos will be reposted and their brand names will be used and they are okay with allowing users to promote their information as long as they follow guidelines and it is for good and not for commercial use or misleading purposes.

What are your thoughts on the trademarking of Internet terms, concepts and ideas. We have new startups who have come up with all sorts of funny names to distinguish themselves and to have clear copyrights. Some examples are XeeMe (who could have tried to trademark social or somedia), Instagram (who could have added picture or pic or graffic in their name), Pinterest (who could have used board or a stand alone version of the word pin), and of course Twitter (who could have used post, text or some other common phrase).

Should we be able to trademark terms such as tweet, blog, retweet, followback, inbox, somedia, IT, cloud, etc.?

Generic trademark – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Undercover Geek | The Solopreneurs Alter Ego

Maybe you are a technical genius or maybe you just have Cadillac taste and Volkswagen money when it comes to making your technology, Ecommerce and Online dreams come true. So even if you were the coolest kid in school or you flunked computer science, you may have found yourself more in the category of geek than not because of your needs and because of how easy it is not to do it yourself… to a certain extent.

You’ve heard of Klout, Kred and PeerIndex; and if not than you are a little behind; but anyway meet Geekli. It’s in private BETA now and if you are reading this blog then all you have to do is let me know you want an invite. I am limiting the invites because many people are complaining about watered down votes and authenticity of online influence. Geekli put a lot of work and time into rolling out their private beta and limited invite system so I want to honor their efforts.

Get to work and be consistent!

SugarFreeCoach on Klout

My score goes down if you fall off.

Oh no, according to Klout my score dipped 0.05 points because peeps in my network lost influence. That means someone fell off. But now with the new features I know who it is.

Don’t leave people hanging. It’s easy to write social media off as unimportant, but there are real people on the other end of those tweets, posts and blogs. Did you start something and not finish it? You know who you are. You made it into my circle of influence because you were doing something special. Now you are either not doing it anymore, not promoting it or not communicating with your audience.

If you need help feel free to respond in the comments section, tweet me or post to my FB page. If you feel that your needs are more complex and you would like coaching or consulting you can simply make an appointment. But don’t miss out on the free opportunities that are before you to grow your online influence ultimately solidifying your social influence and brand.