About TSE

Andréa Raquel, The Social Entrepreneur (TSE), is a speaker and business consultant with a “sugar free” method. Andréa was born in Germany and has lived across the US. She took a break from undergraduate school before graduating and served in the Army Honor Guard in Washington DC. She studied English and Philosophy at Spelman College, Broadcast Journalism at the Defense Information School and Business Administration at American Intercontinental University where she graduated in 2005, Magna Cume Laude, while working full-time as a bank branch manager. Currently Andréa is a Doctoral Learner pursuing a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology at The University of Phoenix and a flight student at Mountain View College. Andréa hopes to use her PhD to help business owners, organizations and society as a whole.

Andréa has traveled a long way from being born abroad to military parents in pre Berlin Wall Germany during a time when cell phones and Internet were not for personal use to supporting business owners, building online networks and consulting with a style that is anything but censored. Andréa is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about finding business solutions to social challenges. Andréa’s ultimate vision and mission is to improve communities, businesses and lifestyles one solution at a time.

Andréa founded Better Me, Inc. in August of 2007 after resigning from a major bank that is no longer in business. In the first year of operation the company helped countless individuals and businesses get a better perspective on sales, teamwork, staff development, marketing, and technology. TXNL was added as a division of Better Me, Inc. to support the members, clients, friends, and fans of Better Me, Inc. In the second year a radio station was added to help promote the books and great messages of TXNL members and a safe platform to enjoy work place music and motivational business topics.

Better Me, Inc. provides free and low-cost opportunities and services. Privacy is of the highest consideration and consultations are confidential. Better Me, Inc. offers management, consulting, and training for business owners, and executives of the clients and members. Together these businesses form TXNL and are located at The Business Spa in Atlanta, GA, around the world and virtually through all major networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, G+, XeeMe, Twitter, YouTube and many more.

As a talk show host and internet radio producer, Andréa has brought new media solutions to her clients and audience members through TXNL Radio and her social media expertise for over 6 years. These solutions were strategically added to TXNL to help clients and partners get trustworthy information; quality services and the most value available. As a marketing and strategy professional Andrea has handpicked partners and affiliates of Better Me, Inc. / TXNL to best serve the needs of clients, members and the community.

Andrea Raquel

The Social Entrepreneur

Andréa believes that it shouldn’t cost a fortune or take months to get your business online and in front of your potential clients. TXNL helps you get up and running in no time or take your struggling business to where you want it to be.

Career Experience
A retail manager at the age of 20, The first female “Voice of The Old Guard” by the age of 30, Vice President, Branch Manager and Private Client Manager of major banking institutions, real estate and securities licensed, and all around coaches coach. Andréa’s experience is as vast as her desire to pay it forward by giving the small business owner access to the knowledge and resources traditionally only afforded to major corporations.

Better Me, Inc. celebrated five years in August 2012. Since its inception it has experienced a steady incline in Internet traffic and web buzz. A Microsoft Partner; and affiliate member of various trusted names in business, Better Me, Inc. serves as a portal of information and resources. TXNL which is a community for socially responsible entrepreneurs has grown since May 2008 and currently receives over 3000 page views per month. For over four years TXNL has provided free coaching lines, web sites, promotional opportunities, start-up advice, donations, sponsorship and life-sustaining support for small businesses and entrepreneurs locally and around the world. A few ways TXNL has improved community, businesses and lifestyles are through Kiva.com loans; making public service announcements for Ready.gov; donating idol computer space through BOINC and World Community Grid; supporting the Atlanta Beltline, offering discount and free services such as domain names, consulting and classes; a worldwide interactive talk radio show and a conference series to help small business owners find solutions to challenging issues such as legal support, education and technology.

Andréa is an announcer and talk show host. The Sugar Free Approach To Coaching grew from a weekly 30 minute talk show on Blog Talk Radio to an independent podcast with over 2000 weekly downloads. The radio production evolved through co-hosts and technology changes to, Andréa In The Morning, a weekly morning show on TXNL Radio. Andréa focused her time in 2010 on using her voice to support programs and organizations such as The Atlanta BeltLine and Tungle Corporation a free scheduling tool that integrates productivity and social media. Andréa’s future projects include a book launch, Living Sugar Free, publishing project that brings community publications to local residents and giving them a voice; as well as the TXNL Trust, a speaker’s bureau.

What people are saying about TSE:
“Andrea is one of the brightest and thorough executives that I have ever worked with. Her focus on detail and execution is a tremendous asset to any organization. She has the unique ability to vision through obstacles and maintains a positive attitude for her organization. She is direct and concise on every matter of detail with business. I have learned much from her.” –Eric Belmar , CEO , E2P2, Inc. July 8, 2010

“Andrea is a forward thinking, dynamic leader and businessperson. She has the ability to get to the heart of the matter in speaking with a client that allows her to quickly assess and fill the needs of that client. I highly recommend Andrea as one of the most polished professionals I have worked with in a long time. Her knowledge of social media is amazing – She’s one in a million!” -Jeannie Keneley, Author January 14, 2010

“Andrea is a person with a ton of passion for what she does. I admire her ability to truly listen to someone and get at the heart of what is being said. Her energy and passion will benefit all who work with her!” – Rob, Director of Sales January 12, 2010

“Andrea is more than just a coach and mentor to business owners. She truly cares about your outcome. She always says, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” When it comes down to a person that will give you great direction, you cannot do better than The Social Entrepreneur, The Sugar Free Coach Andrea. Over the past 7 months that we have worked together, she has really kept me inspired and most importantly on track with my stated goals. Hands down, when it comes to getting it done, this is the person you want to get your direction from.” -Earl Hall July 22, 2009

“I met Andrea through Microsoft Office Live and its community. Andrea has to be one of the most driven people I know and her generosity and passion for success are unmatched. I am very happy to be working with Andrea on various projects and know she has the drive and skills to help anyone succeed in any business venture.” -Chris Moore February 14, 2009

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