Talking about The Colbert Report Charity Auction |

 I was only half paying attention to The Colbert Report, you never know if he is joking or serious. So he told a joke about pseudo charitable acts that are really only done because of the good PR. Then he went into talking about his old stage set and how he was auctioning off a piece of "histor-me." You can buy his table and it comes with a notarized list of all the celebrities he’s interviewed sitting there. When he said the proceeds would benefit Haiti I knew he was not joiking anymore.

So here is another way you can support Haiti. Some people say you should give this way or that way; if we are all focusing our energy and resources on Haiti there will be healing and rebuilding which is all humanity can ask for after a natural disaster.


The Colbert Report Charity Auction |


William J. Clinton Foundation Helping Haiti

I received a letter from the William J. Clinton Foundation outlining what they are doing to help the people of Haiti through this terrible tragedy. I have seen many discussions and posts throughout social media sites of people asking what they could do to help. I know it is difficult to know who to trust when it comes to supporting non profit organizations. When you only have a few dollars to donate you want to make sure that they are used wisely and reach yor desired cause.  I have been following the Clinton Foundation for over a year and they are focused on true service and having a global impact.

You can click on the link below to see the letter and find out how you can help. If you don’t have the time or money to donate the best thing you can do is keep the people who have been affected in your thoughts and share the message that there is a need.

Please tweet, share, link to and forward this page to any and everyone who wants to make a difference in Haiti but doesn’t know how.

If you are concerned about loved ones or would like to help someone else locate a missing person in Haiti, click or copy this link into your browser:

Sometimes it is hard to imagine the devastation experienced by others when it is so far from home. Here is a CNN video with Wolf Blitzer interviewing an American living in Haiti and his account of the earthquake and aftermath:; You will also be able to see a video of Bill Clinton explaining what is going on and what is being done by the UN.

As always The Social Entrepreneur will keep you informed about how you can help improve communities, businesses and lifestyles one solution at a time.


William J. Clinton Foundation